General Conditions of Use Buyers of the e.commerce site

Oweston Intercosmetic LLC, whose registered office is located in Ukraine, Kyiv, 28bis rue Malinovskogo, 136, registered in the Ukrainian Trade and Companies Register under number 34760607, with share capital of 1,000.00 euros and having the number of Intracommunity VAT 347606026547 (hereinafter, “”), makes available on its site: (hereinafter, the “Website”), an e.commerce site allowing individual buyers to enter, make purchases and create a personal account.
These general conditions of use intended for buyers using the MySkinDayCare Service (hereinafter, the “Buyers’ Terms”) define the rights and obligations of Buyers operating on the e.commerce website accessible from the Website www.myskindaycare .com
The placing of any order via the site is subject to the full and unreserved acceptance of these Buyer Terms. This acceptance is materialized by a click of validation during the registration of the Buyer on the Marketplace.
Sales made through the Service between Buyers and Seller are subject to the General Conditions of Sale of the Service (hereinafter, the “GTC”), which must also be accepted by the Buyer at each purchase. This acceptance is materialized by a click of validation during each purchase on the Marketplace.
In the event of non-compliance with these Buyer T & Cs, MySkinDayCare reserves the right to temporarily or permanently interrupt access to the Service for the Buyer concerned.
These Buyer T & Cs are those in force since October 1, 2016.

These Buyers’ Terms and Conditions define the rights and obligations to which Buyers of the Website must submit.
The Service consists of a set of tools allowing Buyers to register on the Website, to get in touch with the Seller with a view to placing orders for Products, to settle the price of Products, to confirm the receipt of the Products and communicate with each other using a messaging tool made available to them.
It also incorporates a rating and comment system allowing the Buyer to assess and share the quality of his relationships with the Seller.
Transactions made via the Service for the purposes of purchasing Products are concluded directly between the Buyer and the Seller.
MySkinDayCare will take care of the after-sales service (hereinafter, the “After Sales Service”) and will take care of acting as an intermediary between the Buyer and the Manufacturer in the event of (i) failure of the Product with regard to its start-up or its operation or (ii), Product return.

Access to the Service by Buyers is reserved for the preliminary creation of a buyer account (hereinafter, the “Buyer Account”). Each Buyer relates to their Buyer Account according to the criteria below.
The Buyer provides the data allowing his identification. He undertakes to provide only exact information, then to inform MySkinDayCare without delay of any change affecting them.
By registering with the site, the Purchaser has a unique and unique identifier and password. These data are strictly personal and the Purchaser undertakes to store and use them confidentially. The Purchaser undertakes not to offer any other person access under his identity or his identifier to this site.
4.1 Individual buyer account
When registering on the site, a physical Purchaser, who acts privately and makes strictly personal use of it, will be considered as a private purchaser.
5.1 Price of the service
The opening and use of the Buyer Account is free, and without obligation to purchase. Only the purchase of Products from the Seller is subject to payment, under the conditions provided for in these Buyers’ Terms and Conditions.
5.2 Description of Products
The offers are informed by the Suppliers, the latter being responsible for the completeness of the description provided, of compliance and of the Product.
The method and rates of delivery are left to the responsibility of the Seller, who will indicate it in the description of the Product, in the space provided for this purpose in his catalog.
5.3 Payment of the Price
To settle the order, the Buyer has all the payment methods offered during the final validation of the purchase on the payment page.

Each Purchaser request will be made prior to MySkinDayCare by email: with the precise explanation of the reason for the request, the processing request (exchange or refund) as well as the Buyer’s order reference as well as the delivery slip and the Seller’s invoice.
Defective or non-conforming Products may be returned under the conditions of the return policy defined by the Seller.
Unwanted Products or orders placed in error may be returned. Credit will only be accepted for goods that have not been opened and / or whose packaging is like new.
The Purchaser must send a document indicating:
• her name ;
• his Buyer number;
• the reference of his order; and
• his request to the Seller (replacement or refund).
The Buyer must make sure to read all of the conditions and terms below before proceeding with a return:
• Regarding defective Products:
Within 14 days of delivery, the Seller always offers the choice of either exchanging or refunding.
As part of the warranty offered by the Seller, if there is a defect on the Product, and within seven (7) days of receipt of the goods, the Seller offers an exchange or a credit in the event that it does not can’t trade.
For these conditions to apply, the defective Product must not have been further damaged by transport, accident, negligence, excessive use or normal wear and tear.
The Seller controls each returned Product, once received, they are inspected and tested in their verification center. A replacement will take place if it finds a defect.
If no defect has been found, the Product will be returned to the Buyer carriage forward.
• Regarding damaged Products:
If any Product has arrived damaged, the Purchaser contacts within 14 days of delivery for a replacement. Unreported items damaged after this period cannot be subject to replacement.
• For unwanted Products:
If the Products that the Seller has sent are not what the Buyer had ordered, or that quantities are missing, the Seller will not be liable unless the Buyer contacts within seven ( 7) days after delivery to obtain the Seller’s return authorization.
If the Buyer reports a problem under these conditions, the Seller undertakes to remedy the lack, non-delivery or error. Otherwise MySkinDayCare will refund the amount paid for the Products concerned.
The Seller will not be responsible for any indirect losses caused to the Product (s) by conditions external to those mentioned above. Also, MySkinDayCare will only compensate the Purchaser for the amount paid for Products fulfilling one of the fields of conditions mentioned above.
The processing of refunds by MySkinDayCare is carried out on the instructions of the Seller following the proper processing of the aforementioned conditions and deadlines with the Buyer and is registered with the debit of the current account statement of the Seller, amount deducted from the possible cost transport.

7.1 Termination
These Buyer T & Cs are concluded for a fixed period. Each party may therefore terminate the T & Cs at any time without having to justify it subject to two (2) months notice
7.2 Personal data
Information and data concerning the Buyer are processed by MySkinDayCare, and are necessary for the management of the Buyer Account and access to the Service. The information necessary for delivery is transferred to the Seller for this sole purpose. This information and data is also kept for security purposes, in order to comply with legal and regulatory obligations and to allow the improvement and personalization of the services offered by MySkinDayCare and the information sent by MySkinDayCare to the Buyer. In accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978 amended by Law 2016-1321 of October 7, 2016, this personal data is kept for a period which does not exceed the time necessary for the purposes for which it is collected and processed. The Buyer is informed of his rights to define directives relating to the fate of his personal data after his death.
In accordance with article L. 111-7 of the Consumer Code modified by Law 2016-1321 of October 7, 2016, a space is made available to the Seller allowing him to communicate to Buyers acting privately and having placed an order from their Individual Buyer’s Account, the information provided for in Articles L. 221-5 and L. 221-6 of the Consumer Code.
Digital banners will indicate the existence of contractual relations between the Seller and MySkinDayCare. Contractual relationships likely to influence the promotion of this Seller’s products on the Website. This is done in full compliance with the requirements of consumer law.
In accordance with article L. 111-7-2 of the Consumer Code amended by law 2016-1321 of October 7, 2016, the reviews posted online will be subject to review by a moderator appointed for this purpose.
The purpose of moderation is to ensure the compliance of the content collected with French law and the T & Cs and T & Cs, in order to publish, reject or delete this content. All content relating to notices intended for publication is subject to moderation. All reviews are subject to the same moderation process regardless of their content. The author of the opinion is systematically informed of the rejection of his opinion and the reason for the rejection.
The Website is also designed to be particularly attentive to the needs of MySkinDayCare customers. This is one of the reasons why MySkinDayCare uses cookies. The purpose of the cookie is to signal passages on the Website. Cookies are therefore only used by MySkinDayCare only in order to improve the personalized service which is intended for Buyers and Sellers. For more information concerning cookies or the use that MySkinDayCare can make of them, the Seller and the Buyer will refer to article 7 “Cookies and Targeting Advertising” of the page “Protection of personal data”.
In general, for more information concerning personal data, the Buyer will refer to the “Protection of personal data” page.
In accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, any Buyer has at any time a right of access, opposition, rectification and deletion of personal data concerning him, which he can exercise by writing by mail and by justifying his identity to MySkinDayCare.
7.3 Responsibility
MySkinDayCare’s liability towards the Buyer can only be engaged for facts which are directly attributable to it and which would cause it damage directly linked to these facts. MySkinDayCare cannot be held liable for the content made available on the Website by the Suppliers
7.4 Contacts
The user can contact the user relations service by electronic message via the contact forms provided for this purpose on the Website, in the section and “Contact”.
MySkinDayCare user relations advisers can also be reached by email at the following email address:
The publication director (webmaster) of the Website is: …………………….
The Website is hosted by the company ………………………………………………. and whose telephone number is …………… (Free single number from a landline, excluding any additional cost depending on operator from a mobile line) or …………………… (Call charges to a station fixed in France).



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